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International Shipping Policy

Shipping outside the USA


Our shopping cart is for US orders only. For other countries, please contact us.

CANADA: importing plants and seeds


NOTE: You can receive your plants quickly and at lower cost if you get them delivered to a U.S. address where you can pick them up and carry them across the border yourself. In this case, you are not required to have a costy phytocertificate, and only pay for the US shipping using our shopping cart.
Use FedEx Hold locations! Convenient Package Pickup at FedEx storesWalgreens, many Dollar General Stores ( will have over 8000 locations by 2020), and other stores.


There are 4 components to Canadian shipping:

  1. Cost of the plants: see our website for pricing

  2. Phytocertificate: $90 - added automatically in shopping cart

  3. Handing: $25 - added automatically in shopping cart

  4. Cost of shipping: calculate in shopping cart


Shipping International Priority
- Orders are shipped out daily. - After placing an order, please allow additional 2 weeks for processing Phyto certificate (plant inspection) and import permit peperwork.

Prices will vary based on final weight and size.


There are a few plants that require a special import permit:


The customer is responsible for paying duties and taxes. Customs will call the customer directly to pay the fee via PayPal.


The customer will be responsible for hiring a broker to handle the package through customs clearance. We must know who your broker is prior to the plants being sent out.




Plant importation to Canada is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Directive D-08_04 (Effective Date: November 25, 2013) In short:

  • Some plants require CITES permit.

  • Most of our plants do not require "A Permit to Import" - this permit is not required unless specified in directive D-94-14. In this case, the importer must obtain the Permit to Import prior to importation.

  • When plants are shipped to Canada, the The USDA must issue a Phytosanitary Certificate, which must accompany the consignment. Additional declarations attesting to freedom from regulated pests, including soil-borne pests may be required. You need to contact the governing agency for more info.

  • Directive D-08-4, Paragraph 4.7: Eligible houseplants originating from the continental U.S. do not require a Permit to Import nor a Phytosanitary Certificate. Houseplants are usually tropical or semi-tropical ornamental plants that are grown or intended to be grown indoors.
    In order to qualify for the exemption, the houseplants must be for personal use and must accompany the importer at the time of entry into Canada. The total number of plants must not exceed 50 houseplants. Please note that any species-specific requirement or prohibition take precedence over the houseplant import requirements outlined in this directive. The houseplant exemption does not apply to plants originating from areas that are regulated for Phytophthora ramorum (see directive D-01-01 for more information). Florida is not a Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) regulated area.

  • Houseplants of some plant species must comply with the CITES requirementsSeed importation to Canada is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: The ABCs of Seed Importation into Canada, Section K:

PLANT ORDERS - International

(Countries other than Canada)


We can ship plants to many countries around the world that have a FedEx office. Below are a few most popular destinations.


Canada (see details)

  • Mexico

  • South America and Central America - most countries

  • Asia (China, Vietnam, Japan, and other countries)

  • Middle East - most countries

  • Europe - most countries


Shipping methods and time in transit

We ship internationally using FedEx International Service.

  • International Priority 1-2 business days

  • International Economy 3-5 business days

  • Great Rates Line (China, Asia)


A tracking number will be provided to you for every shipment.


Total delivery time depends on several factors, including your local customs clearance and delivery to rural areas. Time in transit is usually accurate, but total delivery time to your address can not be guaranteed in case of customs delays. It may also take  extra day(s) if going far into the rural areas of the country.


Customs clearance includes agricultural inspection and in most cases, occurs at Customs Entry Room of FedEx facility at the destination, at the same business day upon arrival. If you prefer, you may want to contact your local FedEx office and coordinate pick up of your package(s) at the Airport of destination to save extra time. Otherwise, it will be delivered by FedEx truck to your shipping address.


What is required from a customer?

All packages are subject to customs clearance and proper paperwork is of vital importance. Please make sure to find out all rules and regulations governing plant importation to your country. It's your responsibility to comply with these rules and regulations. Contact your local agricultural authorities if you have questions regarding these rules. If something important is missed in the paperwork we prepare according to the information you provide us, you may never be able to receive the shipment, or plants may get damaged due to unfortunate delays.


When placing an international order, please email us with the following information:

  • List of plants and seeds with item numbers and quantities

  • Shipping info: Name, address, contact phone number, email address

  • Import permit (called in most countries) or "List of import requirements" for live plants (and/or seeds) for your country. Without this information, we are unable to issue a Phyto Certificate that is necessary in order for you to receive your plants from customs. This document may contain:

    • list of species prohibited for importing into your country

    • specific regulations regarding soil (example: no soil, no bark, bare-rooted, etc.)

    • specific treatments of plant material that are necessary before importing in your country


Documentation included with every International shipment

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • AirWayBill

  • Phyto certificate issued by USDA plant inspector at Sunland Orchids facility

  • A copy of the Import permit (provided by the customer)


Payment methods

  • PayPal

  • Bank transfer


Cost of an international shipment

The price you pay for getting your plants delivered to you from Florida includes:

  • Cost of the plant according to our price list, less discounts if any

  • Phyto certificate: $120 per shipment (regardless of number of plants or seeds in the shipment)

  • Handling fee - preparing plants, treatments, bare root if necessary, packaging, boxing - $5 per plant.

  • Shipping cost by the carrier (FedEx International) - per quote

  • Duties and taxes - can be either paid upfront or at clearance; upfront payment will help expedite your shipments through customs


Our Guarantees

We guarantee that we ship healthy, developed plants.
Our experienced personnel provides the utmost packaging of live plants.

Only selected "tough" plants are recommended for International shipping.

When shipped bare-rooted, plants are at higher risk to get stressed out and even dying during transportation. We can not replace or refund items shipped internationally.
Shipping costs are not refundable. International shipping cost is much higher than domestic. Please understand the risks and feel free to discuss with us, prior to ordering, different species sensitivity and their chances to survive a long trip around the world.

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